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The Canadian Wargamer Podcast With Our Guest, Curt Campbell of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

July 21, 2021

In the interview, we speak to Curt Campbell, the Sidney Roundwood of the Canadian wargaming scene, the Snowlord himself.  Of course, we talk about the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge which has become an international community of over 90 gamers and painters.  We also talk about running a games store in the heroic early days of Games Workshop, the gaming scene on the prairies, and why quirky, eclectic games like Moonstone are so much fun.  Finally, Curt doesn't disappoint us by making 5(!) deposits into our Virtual Library.

After the interview, during our patented Canadian Content Corner, Mike and James discuss the Canadians in Italy and Normandy.  We then ask the burning question: just why are Bavarians are so sexy right now?  James reports on his experience of VirtualLard6, and a new set of rules, Packing Heat, that will have all the gun mooks and their molls all jazzed up.  It then gets rather Napoleonic.

Show notes for Episode 3 of The Canadian Wargaming Podcast, July 2021.

Part One:   Our Guest, Curt (“The Snowlord”) Campbell

Curt’s blog:

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge:

Curt on Twitter: @analoguehobbies

Prairie Con Gaming Convention:,

Fawcett Avenue Conscripts Winnipeg Gaming Club:


Curt’s five book pics for The Canadian Wargamer Podcast virtual library:

     Fredrik Logevall, ‘Embers of War: The Fall of an empire and the Making of     America’s Vietnam’

   Craig Symonds, ‘World War II at Se: A Global History’

  Tim Willcocks, ‘The Religion’

  Christopher Buckley, ‘The Relic Master’

 Joseph Boyden, ‘Three Day Road’


Part Two: Canadian Content Corner

Alex Fizgerald Black and Brad St. Croix discuss Operation Husky: The Invasion of Sicily:

Dr. Lee Windsor, The View From Point 67: Canada's Killing Zone in the Second Half of the Battle for Normandy:


Part Three: Hobby Natter

James’ report on Virtual Lard 6:

Osprey Publishing, Absolute Emperor 

 Boyd Bruce, author of Absolute Emperor, talks about his rules:

A Soldier for Napoleon: The Campaigns of Lieutenant Franz Joseph Hausmann: 7th Bavarian Infantry, by Franz Joseph Hausmann, ed. John H. Gill.

Fighting For Napoleon: French Soldiers’ Letters 1799-1815, ed. Bernard and Rene Wilkin.

The Iron Marshall: A Biography of Louis Davout, by John G. Gallaher.

Contact Info:

James' blog:

James' email:

James on Twitter: @jamesmanto4

Mike's blog:

Mike's email:

Mike on Twitter: @MarshalLuigi



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