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The Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode 10 With Our Guest Jason Weiser of Military Miniature Magazine

The Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode 10 With Our Guest Jason Weiser of Military Miniature Magazine

January 13, 2022

In our January Episode, we speak with our guest Jason Weiser, the genius behind the first hobby magazine aimed at North American readers in twenty years!  Jason's been on a tour of all the posh podcasts, from Yorkshire  to the Great White North. We slaved in the studio to get this month's podcast ready just a day before the second edition of MM is released!   It's a nervy thing to do and we applaud the chutzpah of Jason and his team.   Listeners may recall that we talked with our guest Don Perrin about the demise of hobby magazines on this side of the Atlantic, so we wish the newcomer every success.

The interview begins at 14:45 in the podcast.  You can check out the magazine at and we encourage you to subscribe or at least order an issue.

Elsewhere in this podcast, James talks about getting the Russian Napoleonic army for Christmas, Mike talks about his problems and hopes in getting started in 3D printing, and we nervously cross our fingers as we discuss plans for Hot Lead 2022 in the Time of Omicron.    

Links for some of the stuff what we talk about:

Tadenac Games Canada:


Legions IV Hire:

Hot Lead 2022:

Our March Out this month is in honour of the Royal Canadian Navy and of ou Canuck wargamer friend, @Medical_Int (Cheers, Thomas!).  The HMCS Naden Band:


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Episode Nine: The Christmas Special

Episode Nine: The Christmas Special

December 23, 2021

James and Mike welcomed some friends to our CWP Christmas Podparty.   We also had a special visitor, Santa Grognard, though he seemed more interested in the Moose Milk than in our Christmas wish lists.

The usual silly seasonal natter and year end predictions.  We hope it gives you a laugh and a bit of cheer.

James and Mike with you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and thank you for your kind interest in our podcast!


"Moose milk" is a Canadian military tradition, favoured particularly at Christmas and year end mess parties and unit "sticky floor" parties.   There are a variety of recipes, and they should be approached with extreme caution:

The Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode 8 With Guest Brad St. Croix of On This Day in Canadian Military History

The Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode 8 With Guest Brad St. Croix of On This Day in Canadian Military History

December 12, 2021

In this Edition of CWP, James and I catch up after a month off the air by recounting our adventure at Lard, Eh?, the first Canadian wargaming event (to our knowledge) dedicated exclusively to Too Fat Lardies miniatures games.  We're joined by our friend and one of Lard, Eh?'s organizers, Chris Robinson.   Our conversation covers the planning of this event in the time of plague and whether it bodes well for the reopening of the live wargaming convention scene in the Great White North.  James and I also talk about our reactions to O Group; BLUF, it's fun, it makes your noggin a bit sore trying to figure it out, but it's an exciting game and very good at putting the player in the role of a battalion commander without worrying about which section has so many 2" smoke rounds left.

In the Canadian Content Corner, we're joined by our friend Dr. Brad St. Croix, making his second appearance on CWP.  We recorded this conversation on Dec 9 (the Defence and Fall of Hong Kong began on Dec 8, 1941), so it's a fitting date to speak to Brad about his speciality, the Canadian role in Hong Kong and the way it's been obscured over the years by some unfortunate historiography.  Though Brad isn't himself a wargamer, he was a good sport and helped us work through the battle and how it might be modelled on the table top.   Rumour has it that Mike ran straight from the interview to the Peter Pig website to grab some 15mm Japanese infantry!

Continuing the CWP tradition of finishing with some relevant Canadian military music, we end the episode with the march of the Royal Rifles of Canada, one of the two gallant Canadian battalions that were destroyed in the battle.

Brad's contributions to the CWP Virtual Library:

Tony Banham, Not the Slightest Chance: The Defence of Hong Kong, 1941.  UBC Press, 2003.

Marc Milner, Stopping the Panzers: The Untold Story of D-Day. U of Kansas Press, 2014.

Review on Stopping the Panzers:

Info on Our Guests:

Chis' Blog:

Chis on Twitter: @LegendaryNoize

Dr. Brad St. Croix on Twitter: @OTDCanMilHis

Brian Hall: @Brian34586884

Brad's You Tube Channel:

Brad's Patreon Page:

Brad talks with the Juno Beach Centre about Hong Kong:

Closing Music:

"I'm Ninety Five": Quick March of the Royal Rifles of Canada:

Royal Rifles of Canada:


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Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode Seven with Guest Alex McCutcheon of Full Battle Rattle Miniatures

Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode Seven with Guest Alex McCutcheon of Full Battle Rattle Miniatures

November 10, 2021

In CWP Episode 7, James and Mike talk to Canadian wargames manufacturer Alex McCutcheon of Full Battle Rattle Miniatures.   Alex has brought his soldier's knowledge of the contemporary Canadian Army together with a talented sculptor to create a boutique label of gorgeous 28mm miniatures for gaming the Canadians (and their adversaries) in Afghanistan.   There's even a LAV 3!

We talk with Alex about his nervy decision to put his own money into the business, and get some mouth-watering hints as to where he might go next (1885 NorthWest Rebellion, anyone?).   We also talk about Alex's love of skirmish gaming, his crazy on again off again GW girlfriend, and a really interesting crossover of tabletop gamers and scale model builders in the Toronto area called Sword and Brush.

In the Canadian Content Corner, James and I convene a blue ribbon panel to discuss the new Dutch film The Forgotten Battle, because how many times in a lifetime do we get to see a film about Canadians in the Battle of the Scheldt (which could oversell what the film actually delivers)?  We're joined by grizzled grognard and Canadian Army vet Brian Hall, and by that rising phenom of Canadian military history, the newly minter Doctor, Brad St. Croix, to talk about what the film got right and wrong.  We end the conversation with some thoughts on how we would advise Steven Spielberg if he came to us with a hockey sock full of money and a desire to give the Canadians in WW2 a proper screening.

Links from this month's podcast:

Full Battle Rattle Miniatures:

Sword and Brush:  Canada's Premiere Tabletop Wargaming and Miniature Painting Expo:

Lords of War Games Store, Oakville:

Sword and Board Games Store, Toronto:

Alex's Contributions to the Canadian Wargamer Podcast Digital Library:

Mark Zuehlke,  Opration Husky, The Canadian Invasion of Sicily

Robert Semrau, The Taliban Don't Wave

Canadian Content Corner

Our Guests:

Dr. Brad St. Croix: @OTDCanMilHis

Brian Hall: @Brian34586884

Brad's You Tube Channel:

Brad's Patreon Page:

Brad's conversation with Mark Zeuhlke on the Scheldt:

The Forgotten Battle (2020 Dutch Film):

The Battle of the Scheldt:

Closing Music:

Royal Regiment of Canada March Past:

Royal Regiment of Canada:


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Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode 6 With Guests Jacob Stauttener and Evan Switzer, ”The Kids In The Hall”

Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode 6 With Guests Jacob Stauttener and Evan Switzer, ”The Kids In The Hall”

October 13, 2021

Part One: “The Kids In The Hall”:

Our interview with guests, Jacob Stauttener and Evan Switzer, borrows its title from the 1990s Canadian comedy show, "The Kids in the Hall".   Two (youngish) grandads, call us The Airfix Generation, put two (youngish) gamers, call them The GW Generation, on the spor to talk about generational differences and crossovers.

We talk about crossovers from the kind of turnkey gaming systems that young gamers find in a Games Workshop store to more "obscure" (shhhh, don't use that word around James!) games.  We talk about the appeal of creative and collaborative projects such as Evan's role in The Ninth Age, a player-driven continuation of the old Warhammer Fantasy system.  We also wonder if old gamers, like old church people, can stop clutching their pearls about "Where are the young people" and trust that the next generation will find its way into the hobby and make it their own.  And that's a good thing, we conclude.

Stuff mentioned in Part One:

Jacob’s Must Contain Minis website:

Also look for Jacob’s YouTube channel:


Evan’s Ninth Age Project: download link for one of our 'full books' we did for ninth age. good example of the quality we're striving for.

Evan on Facebook:

Other Stuff Mentioned in This Interview:

Bell of Lost Souls:

Jacob on Bell of Lost Souls: author/jwstauttener

Laurentian TableTop Gaming Group:

Universal Battle Software:

Critical Hit Gaming Lounge, Oshawa, ON:

Game Chamber Store, London, ON:


Jacob’s Digital Library Contributions:

Joseph A. McCullough, Frostgrave, 2nd Edition, Osprey Press

Blood and Plunder: The Collector’s Edition Rulebook, Firelock Games

Evan’s Digital Library Contributions:

Nathan M. Greenfield, The Damned: The Canadians At the Battle of Hong Kong and the POW Experience, Harper Collins, 2010.

Brent Watson, Far Eastern Tour: The Canadian Infantry in Korea, 1950-1953.  McGill Queens University Press, 2007.


Part Two:  Canadian Content Corner. 

Brad, aka @OTDCanMilHis, as a guest on WW2TV

Ask Me Anything on Canadian military history


Mike speaks with Alastair Nichols, author of Wellington's Switzers: The Watteville Regiment  about European redcoats in Upper Canada in the War of 1812.


Alastair's book is available for purchase at


3) Whats Going On In Canada

- True North LardEhs Game Day #1

- November 27, 2021

- 9:30am-7pm

- Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Veterans Association Hall, Hamilton, Ontario

- intend for 2 timeslots of (at least) 4 TFL games per timeslot

- trying for curry dinner!


4) Closing Music:

Slow March of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery at Buckingham Palace


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Canadian Wargame Podcast Episode 5 With Guest Rene Charbonneau of the Trumpeter Tabletop Gaming Society

Canadian Wargame Podcast Episode 5 With Guest Rene Charbonneau of the Trumpeter Tabletop Gaming Society

September 13, 2021

In our fifth episode, we talk to Rene Charbonneau, president of what may be Canada's oldest wargaming club in Vancouver, BC, the Trumpeter Tabletop Gaming Society.     We talk about what makes a club a success: planning, a code of conduct, outreach to the community and hospitality to young people.   Trumpeter's big convention, Salute, sounds like a fine excuse for a trip to gorgeous Vancouver in the spring.

In our second segment, the Canadian Content Corner, we talk about the Dieppe Raid, what we think it was about, and what it was actually about.  Mike reports on what he learned watching WW2TV on YouTube and listening to Canadian historian  David O'Keefe.

Next, Mike and James ask the question, what makes for a good set of wargames rules and that leads to a good old natter.

Finally we take about what's on the paint bench, and James talks about how his Bavarian sharpshooters, Scharf's Schutzen, are a thinly veiled homage to a well-known series of books and films about some fellows in green.

Links to this Episode:

1) Our bit with Rene Charbonneau:

Trumpeter Tabletop Gaming Society:

Rene's Book Choices:

Vic Hartley, Arrows Against Steel: The History of the Bow and How it Forever Changed Warfare.

Niall Ferguson, The War of the World: Twentieth Century Conflict and the Descent of the West.

2) Canadian Content Corner

Historian David O'Keefe's interviews with Paul Wooladge on WW2 TV:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three: August 19 Dieppe Livestream:

David O'Keefe, One Day in August: Ian Fleming, Enigma, and the Deadly Raid  On Dieppe.

Dai's Wargames Blog and Dieppe Project:

3) What Makes A Good Set of Wargamer Rules?

Ken Reilly's Yorkshire Gamer chat with Stephen Wold:


Anything But a One! Adventures in Historical Wargaming Podcast.Episode 30, Old School vs New School Games.

Zac's blog post on Dragon Rampant:

James' blog post on Scharf's Schutzen:


Final Music:  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Regimental March

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The Canadian Wargamer Podcast With Our Guest, Don Perrin: Author, Publisher,and 3D Printer

The Canadian Wargamer Podcast With Our Guest, Don Perrin: Author, Publisher,and 3D Printer

August 14, 2021

In our August Podcast, we talk with a true grognard, Don Perrin, a Canuck who now calls Las Vegas his home.  Since Don and James met as cadets and barrack mates many years ago, Don went on to graduate from Royal Military College and serve in the Canadian Army in the RCEME Corps. Don's done practically everything there is to do in the hobby.  He's worked with giants like Frank Chadwick, run a games store, published (and killed!) wargames magazines, manufactured lead figures and now is doing cutting edge work in 3D printing as you'd expect from his extensive technical background. He's also a published fiction author, and the only guy we know personally to have a Wikpedia entry! In our discussion, Don shares his thoughts on what happened to North American wargames magazines, the pros and cons of 3D printing, and the future of our gaming hobby.

Don Perrin on Twitter:  @dbsperrin

Don’s Websites:

Don’s Stuff on War-game Vault (The Courier, MWAN, etc):

Don’s 3D Printing Website:

Don’s Virtual Bookshelf Contributions:

Operation Warboard’ By Gavin & Bernard Lyall. Adam and Charles Black, 1976 ISBN 0 7136 1646 6

Operation Husky: The Canadian Invasion of Sicily, July 10–August 7, 1943 By Mark Zuehlke. Douglas and McIntyre (2013) Ltd., 2009 ISBN: 1553653246

Stuff We Mentioned In Our Conversation:

First Clash: Combat Close Up in World War Three, by Kenneth Macksey, 1998.

Sound Officers' Call Blog:

The Sentry Box (Calgary, Alberta games store):

Canadian Content Corner:

Brad St. Croix and Alex Fitzgerald-Black on Operation Husky:

Alex Fitzgerald Black on The Air Support Rollercoaster: Air Power and its Contribution to the Morale of the Canadian Army in Normandy:

Alex Fitzgerald-Black, Eagles Over Husky: The Allied Air Forces in the Sicilian Campaign, 14 May to 17 August, 1943.


Arthur Gullachsen, An Army of Never-Ending Strength: Reinforcing the Canadians in NW Europe, 1944-45.  UBC Press, 2021.

Closing Music:  

The Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers March Past:

Our Contact Info:

Mike's email:

Mike's Twitter: @MarshalLuigi

Mike's blog:

James' email:

James' Twitter: @JamesManto4

James' blog:


The Canadian Wargamer Podcast With Our Guest, Curt Campbell of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

The Canadian Wargamer Podcast With Our Guest, Curt Campbell of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

July 21, 2021

In the interview, we speak to Curt Campbell, the Sidney Roundwood of the Canadian wargaming scene, the Snowlord himself.  Of course, we talk about the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge which has become an international community of over 90 gamers and painters.  We also talk about running a games store in the heroic early days of Games Workshop, the gaming scene on the prairies, and why quirky, eclectic games like Moonstone are so much fun.  Finally, Curt doesn't disappoint us by making 5(!) deposits into our Virtual Library.

After the interview, during our patented Canadian Content Corner, Mike and James discuss the Canadians in Italy and Normandy.  We then ask the burning question: just why are Bavarians are so sexy right now?  James reports on his experience of VirtualLard6, and a new set of rules, Packing Heat, that will have all the gun mooks and their molls all jazzed up.  It then gets rather Napoleonic.

Show notes for Episode 3 of The Canadian Wargaming Podcast, July 2021.

Part One:   Our Guest, Curt (“The Snowlord”) Campbell

Curt’s blog:

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge:

Curt on Twitter: @analoguehobbies

Prairie Con Gaming Convention:,

Fawcett Avenue Conscripts Winnipeg Gaming Club:


Curt’s five book pics for The Canadian Wargamer Podcast virtual library:

     Fredrik Logevall, ‘Embers of War: The Fall of an empire and the Making of     America’s Vietnam’

   Craig Symonds, ‘World War II at Se: A Global History’

  Tim Willcocks, ‘The Religion’

  Christopher Buckley, ‘The Relic Master’

 Joseph Boyden, ‘Three Day Road’


Part Two: Canadian Content Corner

Alex Fizgerald Black and Brad St. Croix discuss Operation Husky: The Invasion of Sicily:

Dr. Lee Windsor, The View From Point 67: Canada's Killing Zone in the Second Half of the Battle for Normandy:


Part Three: Hobby Natter

James’ report on Virtual Lard 6:

Osprey Publishing, Absolute Emperor 

 Boyd Bruce, author of Absolute Emperor, talks about his rules:

A Soldier for Napoleon: The Campaigns of Lieutenant Franz Joseph Hausmann: 7th Bavarian Infantry, by Franz Joseph Hausmann, ed. John H. Gill.

Fighting For Napoleon: French Soldiers’ Letters 1799-1815, ed. Bernard and Rene Wilkin.

The Iron Marshall: A Biography of Louis Davout, by John G. Gallaher.

Contact Info:

James' blog:

James' email:

James on Twitter: @jamesmanto4

Mike's blog:

Mike's email:

Mike on Twitter: @MarshalLuigi



The Canadian Wargamer Podcast with our guest, Bob Murch of Pulp Figures

The Canadian Wargamer Podcast with our guest, Bob Murch of Pulp Figures

June 23, 2021

In this second episode of The Canadian Wargamer Podcast, Mike and James speak with our very first (!) guest, Bob Murch, the dean of Canadian miniature sculptors and owner of Pulp Figures.   We talk about his early days at RAFM, his freelancing work, of course the pulp stuff, how Canada's indigenous peoples gave the Vikings the boot, and how Normans are cool.    It also gets really honest as we talk about the hobby and mental health and wellness.

Bob's book contribution to our virtual library:

Robert Mason, Chickenhawk (1983):

See also:


Joseph Boyden, The Orenda (2013):


After we said goodbye to Bob, we have a natter about some Canadian events (KegsCON in Chatham, ON and AttackX in Kamloops, BC), both happening (maybe?) this September.  We also talked Canadian military history, including Dr. Marc Milner's work on 3d Can Div in Normandy, Dr. Sarah Glassford's work on Canadian women Red Cross volunteers in WW2, Canadian battlefield tourism (remember tourism and going places?  that was great!).  We also talked about why we think Vikings were dicks (don't be a dick), indoctrinating grandchildren, and of course we went on about projects, at which point it rather became the Canadian Napoleonic contest.  Oh well, at least James hasn't glued his fingers to anything this week.  Mike's mind is still undecided about the Foundry Triad Paint System.

Do you have any stories to tell about a Rugged Adventures game with Bob that you played in?  Let us know.

Do you have a Canadian wargames event that you want to talk to us about?  Get in touch!

Know what Celer Paratus Callidus means?  Even better, do you know where we can find an .MP3 version of it?  Let us know!


Links to cool things mentioned in the podcast:

Bob Murch on Twitter: @PulpFigures

Flint and Feather range of figures:

AttackX Tabletop Wargaming Expo, Kamloops, BC - Sept 10-12, 2021 (to be confirmed):

Kent-Essex Gaming Society (KEGS), hosts of KEGSCon - KEGSCON IX Sep 18, 2021

Hotlead - 18, 19 & 20 March 2022 -

Maple Leaf Route Webinar Series -

Dr. Marc Milner, Stopping the Panzers: Canada's Forgotten Overlord Role

The Old Front Line Podcast: Canadian Remembrance Tourism with Samantha Cowan

Mike on Twitter: @MarshalLuigi

Mike's Blog:

James on Twitter: @JamesManto4

James' Blog:



The Canadian Wargamer Podcast is Launched!

The Canadian Wargamer Podcast is Launched!

May 29, 2021

In this inaugural episode of the Canadian Wargamer Podcast, hosts and BFFs Mike (@MarshalLuigi) and James (@JamesManto4) introduce one another and address the crucial question: does the world need another miniature wargames podcast in which two (youngish) granddads natter on?  Spoiler alert - yes, it does.

We explain our Concept of Operations for the podcast:

1. Tell stories about the Canadian wargaming scene, a small scene in a BIG country. 

2. Introduce Canadian hobby leaders - figure sculptors and producers, bloggers, local linchpins - and hear they stories;


3. Explore connections between Canadian military history and wargaming.  Of course, we may talk about our goblin wolf riders and Prussian grenadiers, but we are particularly interested in representing Canadian battles and soldiers on the tabletop.

We talk about what's keeping us busy for the next month:  

James - lots of decidedly non-Canadian Napoleonics.

Mike - might get to those 15mm Canadians in Sicily this month.

We also shamelessly steal Sean Clarke's virtual library schtick from his God's Own Scale podcast.  We intend to ask each guest to "donate" one or two books with a Canadian military connection. In this issue, we each put two books on the digital shelves.

James' choices:

Mark Zuehlke, Brave Battalion: the Remarkable Story of the 16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish) in the First World War (2008).

Chris Wattie, Contact Charlie: the Canadian Army, the Taliban, and the Battle that Saved Afghanistan (2008).

Mike's choices:

Frederick George Scott, The Great War as I Saw It (1922).

Farley Mowat, The Regiment (1974).


Let us know what you thought of the podcast and tell your friends!   Also, check out our blogs:








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